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Why Do You Need a VPN To Maintain Privacy?


VPN is one of the most convenient tools out there to maintain our privacy in the online world. Through the following lines, we are going to have an overview of VPNs. Queries like: best VPN for PC or mobile, the needs of a VPN will be explained in a very lucid language right in this post. We’ll also guide you to a quick guide on VPN after which you, yourself will be able to choose a good VPN & have a VPN download for pc.

The internet is a magical resource. We can find answers to any of our questions, play & watch what we like, and connect with the person we care for. Like any common thing, the web has got two sides of a coin. While the web seems al-right as we use it daily, in reality, it is much more complicated.

Did you know that you are not the only person who has the details of what you are browsing in your virtual world? For instance, as any user searches for something in search engines like Google, everything that a user searches for, is recorded in the database of the search engine for various purposes. Your online activity is even actively monitored by the internet service provider (ISP) whose connection you are using. More surprisingly, your IP address is also known to the sites that you have visited.

Why Do You Need a VPN To Maintain Privacy?

Every person in our actual life is careful about our privacy. Why shouldn’t there be that privacy in our virtual world? If you are wondering about any tools that’s here to protect your online privacy – be assured there are VPNs for you.

What is VPN?

A virtual Private Network or VPN (in short) is a kind of extremely useful online tool that is used to protect anybody’s privacy in the world of the internet.

How a VPN functions?

When you use a VPN, it, by using special technology, encrypts your connection. Every activity that’s done on the internet is exposed to the internet provider. But, if there is a VPN functioning on your device, the stuff won’t be disclosed to the IP.

Let’s understand that with an example-

Suppose you want to go to – as soon as you enter the URL in your browser and hit enter, a request is sent to your IP requesting the system whether they will allow you to browse the aforementioned URL or not. If your IP approves your request, you will be able to visit Google.

But, if you use any VPN, as soon as you hit enter after typing the URL, the thing you want to browse will be encrypted and when it reaches your IP, they will not be able to distinguish your request and will let your request pass on. After that, the request will reach the VPN server and only then, it will be decrypted.

As the data will come back to you, the VPN server will again encrypt it and will send it to you and it will only be decrypted only when it reaches your PC / mobile phone again.

Why do you need a VPN?

In simple words, we need a VPN to protect our online privacy.

As the ISP can’t track sites which you are trying to visit, some people use it to visit some sites which are banned in specific regions.

VPN is also widely used on public networks, where you don’t want to let the network owner know about your activity.

So, these are the reasons why one should use VPN. In current times, where data-privacy is a great concern, we feel that every individual should use VPN if they want to stay safe & secure online.

For additional queries related to VPNs & cyber-security, feel free to express them in the comments & we will be there to help you.

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