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Linux Staff Monitoring

Linux Staff Monitoring: When Demand Means Supply / Hubr

Monitask Employee Monitoring Software for Linux

Studying today's market of our potential customers we, to our own surprise, came to the conclusion that the majority of large companies, which need personnel monitoring and time tracking in Linux. As it turned out, small and medium businesses prefer Linux systems for one simple reason - it is much cheaper. And since businesses are moving to Linux, HR tools should be supported and widely used in this environment.

Effective HR management requires a clear understanding of what each individual employee and the department as a whole is doing. This is especially evident in the example of one of our clients. His company includes several large departments, namely: All three of these departments do their work using Linux-based computers.

However, the specifics of the work are so different that it is difficult to perform a quality analysis of the work without using additional tools. Choosing our Linux-based employee monitoring product Monitask, our client was able to solve this issue for all the departments.Let us remember how timekeeping and productivity measurement used to be performed. At the entrance to the plant, there was a method of carding the time when an employee came in for his shift and the time when he left the workplace.

Productivity, on the other hand, was measured by the amount of output. But those times are gone, and now the working day begins with turning on the computer, and the result of the work is not always a finished and tangible product that can be measured in pieces. That is why tasks and methods of their solution today are completely different from what they used to be. Flexibility of settings, a wide range of possibilities and informative reports are required. And most importantly, it all should be automated and should not distract manager and subordinates from their main work. All possibilities of personnel monitoring software in Linux can be adjusted individually, so the final report is as informative and correct as possible. Regardless of the overall activity of the company and its size, the functionality of the employee monitoring system in Linux allows you to solve personnel management issues for any type of departments, including the above mentioned as well as the marketing, design, technical support, customer service departments, etc. For example, the accounting department is the link in the company that knows everything about everybody. Personal data of all employees, the money turnover, details of each transaction.

In general, all that, if it gets to third parties, can cause damage to the company and its employees. To solve this issue, we offer a permanent record of visited web-sites, screenshots with the name of the running application and recording from web-cameras, so you can track exactly who was using the computer at what time you are interested.Software Development Department also requires a certain record. To analyze each employee's productivity, we offer features to assign and record the use of productive and unproductive programs. Also, to maintain discipline in the department you should activate the accounting of working hours and breaks. By the way, the employee can view his productivity report himself, so he can adjust his work.To monitor the call center in Linux, we have created an additional tool - Lockscreen. Thanks to this feature, there is no need to "bind" a computer to an employee. It is enough to assign each employee his own account and the corresponding password. Depending on who is using the computer at the moment, the account will be kept and data will be sent to their profile. This is very convenient if operators work in Linux in shifts or there is a large turnover of staff in the office.

Depending on the size of the company, its needs and capabilities, you can choose one of the solutions: a cloud service with the possibility of separately purchasing additional functions or a server version, which includes all possible elements of monitoring and accounting.

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