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Cybersecurity Trends To Be Aware Of In 2022

6 trillion dollars - What can be done with such a massive amount? Eradicate Covid-19? Control global warming?

This is the amount necessary to control cybercrime damages for businesses around the world. It is hard to believe an unorganized group of hackers doing petty crime can cost the world such a huge amount.

Cybersecurity Trends To Be Aware Of In 2022

More dangerous than any virus in history, simple forms of cyber attacks like ransomware, malware and phishing attacks can bring a process to a standstill completely, causing an enormous loss for business organizations. It is important to know the current trends in cybersecurity to keep your business safe and invest cleverly to avoid losses.

Trend #1: Major Shortage of Experts

There is a huge demand for talented cybersecurity experts who can safeguard a company from various hacker attacks. In fact, it is one of the top 5 skills which will soar in demand for the next decade. Companies are ready to pay exceptionally high if a cybersecurity expert is capable of avoiding immediate losses, fixing ransomware issues and providing optimum protection against cyberattacks.

Resuming work after a cyberattack or threat is not an easy task requiring a clear scan of the network to ensure it is safe, patching up the loopholes in the software, updating the system, etc. Cybersecurity experts protect the system, create awareness among the employees and repair the system in case of cyber attacks as a part of the recovery plan. It is wise to invest in a team of cyber experts in 2022 as the demand for people with such talent will skyrocket in the upcoming years.

Additionally, some people with poor knowledge and questionable intentions will take advantage of this demand and will pose as experts. It’s advisable to do proper research before hiring cybersecurity experts to see if they really know what they are doing. As company data is not something to take chances with, use background checking companies, conduct proper interviews and use Nuwber to see if the information the experts provide about themselves is really true.

Trend # 2: Employee Training and Awareness

In addition to hiring cyber security experts, allow them to teach the trends and rules to be followed to other employees. Data security is a matter of collective implementation by all the employees. Even the carelessness of one single person can totally compromise the entire security of the company.

The efforts taken by cyber security experts to protect valuable company data will be fruitful only with the cooperation of all the other employees. Good training, knowledge about handling different scenarios and awareness regarding different types of cybercrimes are necessary for the employees to understand the depth of the issue.

The cyber security team can create this awareness with their knowledge and provide enough practice and workshops for the employees in staying safe. Regular practice in using multi-factor authentication, VPNs and password managers prevents over 60% chances of business data leakage.

Many businesses have realized there is no “if there is an attack” in 2022 and are preparing their employees genuinely to stay shielded from the attacks with the help of their cyber security team and training experts.

Trend # 3:  Role-Based Access Control Software

RBAC allows workers to access or view only the absolutely essential files with multi-level authentication. There are multi-level restrictions and many degrees of access and only the most trusted and important employees are allowed to access the core data. Saving, copying or sharing business-related data is highly restricted while using RBAC.

Employees are able to access data only based on their designation and under strict monitoring. RBAC is considered the most budget-friendly and secure way for small and medium-level businesses to keep their data safe in 2022. 

Trend # 4: Custom Security Software

It is important for modern businesses to understand the nature of the threats that await them in their industry. If it is a manufacturing unit, they might need to pay extra attention to automation services. If it is an IT industry, they need to take measures to implement on-premise level security for remote working employees too.

Every business should invest in creating custom security software to meet its unique needs. Popularly known as Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, several companies are expected to invest in such a type of software in 2022. The major advantage of COTS is they are able to analyze and fill in every loophole for your own business, providing fool-proof support.

Hiring an expert team to create such software and train employees to keep it running might take some time and effort. But, it is worth every penny and minute invested as it highly nullifies the chances of cyberattacks.

Trend # 5: Mitigation Measures

Mitigation is a serious issue and requires good investment and clear planning from the company side. The most common mitigation measures taken by business organizations are maintaining an automatic data backup and recovery system and having a contingency plan, re-assigning priority jobs to maintain the process running.

The mitigation measures should aim at maintaining uninterrupted service for the customers and resuming the affected process as quickly as possible. Huge businesses often have contingency teams who take overwork or route it to other teams quickly. Small and medium-level businesses who cannot afford major investment often rely on secure data backup and recovery.


There are five major cybersecurity trends in 2022. There is a huge need for cybersecurity experts and companies to invest in technologies like role-based access and custom security software. Businesses of all sizes, small, medium and huge are targeted by hackers and every company should be taking steps to train its employees about cyber security.

They should strive hard to create awareness about the dangers of a data breach or leakage and cyberattacks. Last but not the least, every company should be investing money to trace the hackers causing the issue, and in contingency plans that help them to recover from cyber-attacks quickly. All these five trends are here to stay for a while and are expected to define the face of the internet in the next decade.

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