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Signature Generator Reviews: 10+ Free Email Signature Templates You Can Use

If you are searching for free email signature templates, the good news is that you don't need any HTML knowledge. Also, all the templates are dark mode friendly. So, you can efficiently pick any template without fretting about them.

Your email signature is a crucial part of your branding. Therefore, it could be seen by everyone, starting from suppliers to potential customers. While considering this, your email signature must attract the target audience's eyes.

The article has summed up the top 10+ free email signature templates in email signature management if you think about how to do it. Let's get started.

10+ Free Email Signature Templates

Download these ready-to-use email signature templates of your choice for both private and business purposes. It's also possible to customize the chosen templates with the help of a built-in signature generator.

The below-mentioned signature template design ideas incorporate both fundamental and advanced projects with logos, graphics, marketing banners, and user photos. Let's have a look at the top 10+ templates:

1. Mobile-friendly Email Signature

It's essential to take a glance at your email signature, which should look incredible on smartphones along with computers. With the advent of using smartphones for emailing instead of PCs, the signature should be mobile-friendly.

Therefore, such an email signature proves that you mustn't use various vivacious colors or moving images to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, in a mobile-friendly email signature template, you can utilize the space to ask them for feedback.

2. Incorporating a Promotional Banner into an Email Signature

Do you want to send a promotional email to your customers? The addition of a powerful banner in an email signature will help you do that. If you are well-acquainted with a website banner, you shouldn't be concerned about an email signature banner.

More precisely, it means a strip of graphical details, which highlights a call-to-action and a top-notch offer. Preparing one is simple and also free of cost with Canva.

On the other hand, all you have to do is implant it into your email signature. Such banners are commonly situated above the disclaimer but underneath the contact details.

3. Developing Social Media Interaction through Your Email Signature

Incorporating necessary social media links into the email signatures is undoubtedly a good practice. All you need to ensure that the personal social media must showcase correct content. However, numerous ways are there for using social media icons. All of these are immensely identifiable logos. So, it would be best if you ensure they don't subdue your own.

4. Feedback Requirement in Your Email Signature

Such type of email signature template is useful for innumerable reasons. This is because:

  • Due to the addition of scintillating colors, your signature is lauded mostly.
  • Customers will understand the organization is really inclined to know their experience and, therefore, seeking feedback.
  • A feedback email thermometer can easily be implanted using a customer thermometer.

So, you see, no HTML is needed to prepare your email signature template for your business.

5. GIF Email Signature

When it comes to an email signature, the predilection for using GIFs has become highly popular nowadays. This is because the GIFs are really captivating and draw people's attention more quickly.

It's agreeable that nothing could be more enchanting than seeing a moving picture. Therefore, it's hassle-free to make your own GIFs utilizing a service like GIPHY. After that, you can gradually incorporate it into your email signature utilizing a robust HTML editor.

6. Legal Email Signature Template

An email disclaimer is incorporated into emails for controlling liability. It is usually placed isolated from the email signature and body text. Countless examples are there for legal disclaimers. Also, there will be so many factors, which would dictate the length of your legal disclaimer.

7. Providing More HTML Images in an Email Signature

Numerous ways are there for ensuring your email signatures get featured from the rest of the competition. Utilizing HTML icons and pictures is the standardized way to add these into an email signature.

However, they don't emerge as they should come forth. A top-notch example will be not using animated GIFs as these often get restricted by the email filters. The subsequent considerable issue is picture sizing.

8. Call-to-action

In your email signature template, you should utilize a powerful CTA to improve sales and leads quickly. Don't be pushy or over the top while adding this CTA. However, the remaining email signature portion will be pretty simple, and the most captivating option will be adding the "Apply Now" button. Therefore, all you need to embed in your HTML editor, and there you go.

9. Make It Pop

Does your brand love to play with vivid colors? Using pop-colored templates will be the most alluring email signature template option, which you must adopt for your branding purposes.

The colorful template will also work miraculously on smartphones, as there will never be too many effects for slowing down your device. In brief, using those pop-colored templates on your email signature will grab the target audience's attention.

10. Straightforward Email Signatures

If you prefer simple yet catchy email signature templates, nothing could beat the simplicity of text-based email signatures. These premium email signatures are the amalgamation of minimal graphical imagery and text. All you need to do is keep the layout as simple as possible.

Always make sure to utilize the remarkable fonts, graphics, and colors. These shouldn't violate the brand guidelines.

11. Try "Sent From my iPhone"

Utilizing this "sent from my iPhone" signature helps ameliorate your image. Also, a study has revealed that such an email signature template attributes higher authenticity to the sender. Therefore, an email with such a signature helps get more clients irrespective of writing from a PC or a phone.

Concluding Words

With these top 10+ free email signature templates in mind, you can attract your relevant customer. Whatever you opt for, you must have understood the necessity of embedding the email signature feedback button.

Go through the article carefully and pick anyone, which inspires you. All these templates will help you garner real-time customer satisfaction feedback to develop your business.

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