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How Do I Sign a PDF in Windows 10 for Free

A larger number of businesses approach different software applications that help them replace paperwork with digital documents or PDFs. To make this possible, they generally embrace well-known digital signature software. By doing this, many businesses can group their legal documents, sign records, digital documents, or PDFs on an online platform such as the cloud.

You can say that digital signatures are like a text, sound, or a symbol that converts your PDF into a digital format. Moreover, it is the most convenient way to secure your documents legally and cost-effectively. Further in this article, we will introduce you to the best signing tool and ways for how you could sign a PDF in Windows for free.

Introducing the Best Tool to Sign a PDF in Windows 10

CocoSign is known as one of the best signature generator tools with incredible features. It helps you batch sign forms and digital signatures and store your data with high-level encryption on the cloud. It also offers 14-days free trial for new users and helps them get along with the best signature tool. Using CocoSign, you can easily sign your PDFs in Windows 10.

This efficient signature tool helps you in running your business by automatizing the critical digital signature workflow. After completing the contract format and signature fields, CocoSign allows you to sign your PDF files online and convert them into secure digital PDF. You can do this on any computer, mobile phone, Mac, or tablet from anywhere.

CocoSign provides you with the easiest, safest, and quickest way to send, sign and track digital documents. You can also accumulate signatures with the help of the legally binding and secure digital signature software of CocoSign. This tool makes document management easy by providing unlimited cloud storage space and allowance to access your documents anywhere.

CocoSign’s compliance with several industry security standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, etc., assures you that your critical data is in layers of protection. Even when you are going to share, sign or store your documents, you can be sure of their security due to these security measures. These security standards are for all your personal or business information.

What Makes CocoSign the Best Signature Tool in the Market?

Several features that CocoSign offers to its employees, customers, and partners from all over the firm make it the best signature tool in the market. Unlike the quality attributes of other signature tools or software, CocoSign provides more security to all kinds of information of their customers.

There are numerous reasons why you have to use CocoSign to secure your data by converting the data into digital documents and PDFs. We have come to know that it is the most convenient way to sign, transfer and secure your data on any device. The other reasons why you need to use CocoSign for automating your complex business workflow are given below:

  • Time Stamp
    A feature like a time-stamp is beneficial when you need to find your important documents by date and time when the files were signed. That is why time-stamp counts as an authentic way to explore your data to get information.

  • Easy To Access
    CocoSign is famous as a platform of the independent digital signature generator. It is the same for all the devices like computer, Mac, laptop or mobile phone that you can access them from every web dashboard or web browser.

  • Safe and Secure
    This signature tool is compliant with HTTPS protocol and PCI DSS certified; that is why it checks all essential security boxes. Your signatures are highly protected and can't be leaked through any source.

  • Maintain Privacy
    About 180 countries around the whole world are using digital signatures as they are legally valid. Your data is secure on CocoSign servers, and they assure you to protect your privacy by not sharing your data with anyone.

Steps to Sign PDF on Windows 10 for Free

CocoSign is a professional signature tool that is now used by millions of people around the whole world for generating their digital signatures. By doing this, you can also convert your PDF into a digital formatted PDF on Windows 10 for free. For this purpose, you need to follow the steps that are given below so that you can create your digital formatted PDFs.

Step 1: Visit CocoSign Website

To create your own digital formatted PDF files, you first need to visit the official website of CocoSign on any mobile, laptop, computer, or Mac device.

Step 2: Select Your PDF File

You are now required to select a PDF file from your device, or you could drag the file and drop it into the interface. You can also choose a PDF file from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box.

Step 3: Sign Your PDF File

When you are done with the selection of the PDF file, a new screen will appear. For signing the file, drag the signature option from the panel on the right side and place it to the place where you want to sign. Now choose a sign for yourself and save it on the file.

Step 4: Download your Digital Formatted PDF file

Now you can download the file by clicking on the “Download” link from the interface. By doing this, the PDF file with digital signature will download on your device in no time.

Wrapping Up

Signing a PDF file with signature tools and making it a digitally formatted PDF file is now applied in every business-related workplace. Converting a simple document into a digital document means it is end-to-end secure as all your stored data is now encrypted on the servers. Unlike CocoSign, other signature tools don't provide their customers with such security and privacy.

CocoSign is an independent signature tool with incredible features that can secure, track or share your data from anywhere at any time.

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