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5 Simple Room Rental Agreement Templates You Can't Miss

According to the 2016 statistics, about 27% of the citizens in the US rented houses and rooms. The trend is still going on in 2021, and everyone in the renting process has some responsibilities to follow.

room rental aggreement templates

That is why a room rental agreement is essential to ensure that the involved parties know where they stand. Both the landlord and the tenant need to know the regulations, obligations, and rights.

If you own some simple rooms to rent, you have already thought about drafting an agreement for your tenants. But is it hectic to figure out what you need to include? We have five simple room rental agreement templates that will make it easier to draft one.

Let’s see what they are and how you can use them.

Basic Rental Agreement

This is one of the simple room templates that provides the blueprint you need for the tenants. Both the landlord and the tenant have their rights stated on the document, and you can get it on web-based platforms like CocoDoc.

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The stated terms and responsibilities can be used in a court of law if there is a dispute. The details should include how long the tenants are going to stay and the amount payable every month.

Information about the property cannot be left out. Of course, it’s easy to create such a basic rental template, but online sources will have a better guide.

Hair Salon Booth Rental Agreement

This type of agreement has details that the landlord/renting party and the salon’s owner adhere to during the occupation period. The included information protects everyone involved, and that includes the workers under the salon.

It will also involve the renting or leasing rate and how the agreement will come to an end. There are also the duration terms and what the owner gets in return for renting the booth. The tenant should also expect rules about the water and power bills, not to mention the gear in use if applicable.

The rental agreement in this category should contain the commitments you have as the space owner and proprietor. They can involve the duties payable to the salon and taking care of the property.

Tidying up the place is the tenant’s duty, and it should be stated in the agreement. It’s also essential to include how the tenants will be displaying the permit. If a need arises, the agreement can include when the tenants are allowed to work.

Roommate Agreement

The reason why people have roommates is to share the costs. It can, however, be hectic on how you share the bills, especially if you don’t know the other person well. That is where a roommate agreement comes into play.

It’s a legit document that strictly dictates how you will be living together with the one you are sharing the room with. For example, it can detail how you will share the charges, food, and other common areas. It can also state the rules to be followed when moving out.

With such an agreement, everyone knows their responsibilities and how to be answerable. You need to be careful about how you draft the agreement to avoid having the wrong impression.

Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

This is another simple room rental agreement that tenants and landlords share. It’s applicable within 30-60 days, and there can be a termination notice from either party if there is a disinterest.

You, however, need to follow the law when effecting such changes depending on the state where the property is located. However, the month-to-month agreement is valid if both parties are happy and do not require termination.

There are two types of this agreement, and they affect the landlord and tenant. First, there is power in increasing the rent at any given time due to recognized instabilities for the former type. Second, the payable amount can go up at any time, and it’s affected during the next payment.

The landlord is also allowed to vacate the tenants due to various valid reasons. For example, they can vacate the tenant if they don’t follow the rules or provide a better offer for the houses. All the landlord needs to do is issue an early notice.
For the tenant’s agreement, the contract should involve termination terms which can be put into practice at any time. For example, they could involve wanting a temporary place, finding a better deal, or moving to a new workplace.

There are no expiry dates here since it’s a month-to-month agreement, and that allows the tenant to abide by it for as long as they wish to stay in the place. Tenants having this type of agreement face furnishing from time to time. The agreement protects the dwellers from moving in and out every time there are changes in the rooms.

Short-Term Rental Agreement

For those who need to stay in a room or place for a short period, they can reach an agreement that concords to the short length of stay. It’s also an agreement that the tenant and the landlord adhere to specifying the short duration.

In most cases, the tenant may be asked to draft such an agreement, and that is where the online templates come into play. As the tenant lives on the premises, there is rent payable every month until the period is over.

Having a short-term agreement ensures that the tenant and the landlord have an understanding. It also helps in avoiding conflict due to unstated obligations. Short terms agreements are applicable if you stay in the place for six months or a lesser timeline. So, it applies to those renting for a few weeks or during vacations and short visits.


The above simple room rental agreement template examples will save when you need to draft one for the tenants or landlords. It’s even easier when you head online to a website like CocoDoc to get the templates.

They are already drafted for you, and the online platform can also help you edit and sign electronically. Therefore, there is more to do with the template while online before downloading a completed copy.

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