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Top Online Casinos in India choose Linux for Server Security

Online casinos in India have got maximum popularity in terms of the games and promotions they offer. A person can't find all these promotions and 2000+ games over a land-based casino; hence, online casinos in India have increased by 10X. Also, covid-19 contributed to the growth of online casinos in India as more and more people were attracted to playing casino games.

Linux servers
Moreover, these online casinos provide convenient payment options such as UPI, which accepts Indian rupees. However, the top priority of online casinos in India has always been utmost security. What online casinos in India want is tight security for their players so that their money isn't lost anywhere.

Not only money but their data remains in secured hands. Hence, they've lately been focusing on improving their cybersecurity. When server security comes into action, the name of the Linux operating system appears at the top. 

You would be surprised to know that Linux provides higher security when compared to operating systems giants such as Windows. The reason behind this statement is Linux is an open-source operating system. Therefore, many whitehat hackers or ethical hackers have provided various security features. This article will shed light upon the usage of Linux for an online casino in India and how top online casinos are moving towards Linux for better server security.

Benefits of using Linux server for online casinos in India

Though Linux has been there for ages, it was unknown to many people till now. It was only under the central hub of developers until online casinos in India found it beneficial. Linux servers have various great features as compared to other operating systems. Below are the advantages that an online casino get by using a Linux server for hosting their games:

Zero or Low Cost

Since Linux is an open-source operating system, any online casinos in India can get it for almost zero rupees. Similarly, an online casino has to incur heavy expenses when they choose another operating system. Well, you might be thinking that with every free commodity or service, there comes a terms and conditions page. 

Linux Mint on Kali

However, with Linux, a casino doesn't have to pay anything and even worry about terms and conditions as it is available for free. The Linux source code also allows a casino to use or alter it for commercial purposes. Even a person can easily install Linux as an operating system into their PCs for zero money.

A casino can find Linux more secure by design

Many developers who work for building many online casinos in India believe that Linux is more secure than any other operating system. Many surveys have claimed that Linux handles its user permissions better than any other operating system. There are various design security principles that Linux adheres to, and prolifically, it happens by default. 

It is not complex to use

There is a common notion or myth circulated amongst people and even businesses that Linux is tough to use. Though it is for free, businesses restrain themselves from using Linux because they feel it is not user-friendly or more complicated. Another reason is that the companies are used to commonly used operating systems, and hence, it becomes a bit complex to shift to Linux. 

However, Linux isn't at all complicated to use. It is pretty user-friendly as well. A user or a player can run their .exe files in Linux using WINE. And not just online casinos, India’s top casino review website, also runs on a linux server.

Stress-free updates

All the software updates in Linux are always hassle-free because all of the updates from Linux are in patches. In simple terms, a person isn't required to restart their system to cater to those updates. We all know that these updates consume a lot of time and when the reboot option comes, it disappoints many people and developers, especially when they're building new casino features. 

Community support

It is beneficial from the developers' end because they don't remain alone when they develop a new casino site or update it. They get the hands and expertise of the community members who use Linux for their business use.

It secures customers' data

Most of the viruses are developed, keeping in mind the Windows' outlook. However, Linux operating systems have very few viruses that can attack a customer's data. This is due to the fact that in Linux, a person doesn't require antiviruses. Installing the antivirus in Windows also results in slow performance - which is a plus point with Linux.

It is legal for any casino to choose Linux

Linux issues the license for free and for commercial usage. Hence, using Linux for any online casino in India is as legal as placing a bet at horse racing. Whereas, in Windows, if the key comes out to be invalid, then a casino server built upon Windows may face legal consequences or implications. Nothing of this sort ever happens in Linux, as it is very secure and legal.

Diversity with different Linux flavors

Though there has been a monoculture of Windows and no other operating system got the same opportunity as Windows, it becomes crucial that the industry thinks about alternatives. Like agriculture, one can not have the same yields and harvests every time as it harms nature and soil. In development and engineering, a business should explore different ways to get the utmost security at an affordable price. Also, Linux offers various flavors to choose from!

Final Words

Online casinos in India are on the rise, the same as cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are. Every 2 in 5 persons gamble once a year, and hence, it becomes essential for a casino to build its most substantial server with advanced security features. There is no better option than Linux for an online casino based out either in India or abroad.

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