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AnonX -- Anonymous and Encrypted File Sharing


There are many ways to share files anonymously. Previously we talked about Utopia (P2P file share and encrypted mail). But here AnonX is bash & Python script to share files anonymously in an encrypted way (AES-256-CBC encryption).

AES-256 is a very strong & advanced encryption method, cracking this encryption using advanced computers would take billions of years to break.

AnonX is an encrypted file uploader and downloader. The uploaded archive lasts for one week and shall remove from the server. AnonX encrypts (AES-256-CBC encryption) the directory before uploading it to the server. The download function requires the download ID and AES password to successfully download and decrypt the archive. Maximum upload size in AnonX is 2 GB.

anonymous file sharing using anonx

AnonX is created by Suleman Malik and it is inspired from transferwee. This script is hosted on GitHub, so we clone it by using following command on our Kali Linux terminal:

git clone

It will be cloned on our system, as we can see in the following screenshot:

anonx clonning from github

Then we go to the directory by using cd command:

cd AnonX

Here we get our bash script called Before run it we need to give it executable permission by using following command:

chmod +x
anonx exetuable permission

Now we can run this tool by using following command:


Then the main menu of this tool will come front in us, as we can see in the following screenshot:

Anonx main menu

Here we can see options for Download and Upload files. We also got options to see the lists of download and upload.

First we upload a file using upload. To do that we choose "1" and press Enter ⤷.

Anonx prompt for folder name

We can see that AnonX prompt for folder name, before putting folder's name here we need to move our folder to the AnonX directory, in the following screenshot we can see that we have put our folder in the tool's directory.

Anonx directory containing folder to be upload
Anonx directory containing folder to be upload

We have a put a folder called sample for just showing an example. Here we need to remember that all files in the folder will be archived, so larger files may took some time. Then we type the name of the folder in the AnonX where it asked us for the folder name.

Anonx prompted for password to encrypt the folder

Then it will process the files (archive it) and encrypt them. We need to put a password to encrypt the folder. We can choose our password as we wish and re-type it to verify the password.

After that folder will be uploaded and we got a download ID (PaGq81dQHX, in our case) for this file. We can use this ID when we want to download the file or we can send this ID to that person who wants to receive this file.

Anonx folder uploaded
We can send sensitive data this way to anyone. The receiver just need the Download ID to download the file and the password we set to decrypt the encrypted file.

We can see our upload list by pressing 3 and Enter ⤷ in the main menu of AnonX.

anonx upload list

In the upload list we can see our uploaded folders with download ID, upload date, expire date and folder name.

When we are going to download it we need to choose option 2 and press ⤷.

Here we will be asked to put the download ID for the file.

Anonx download ID for the file

Then it prompts for download file. We need to press y for yes.

anonx prompts for download

After that AnonX will download the folder and when the will be complete it asks for the password we used when we encrypted the file.

anonx prompts encryption password to decrypt it
AnonX prompts for encryption password to decrypt it

After putting the encryption password we got the folder. In the following screenshot we can see the download list that we have downloaded the folder.

anonx downloaded the folder

The download folder also stored in the AnonX directory.

In this way we can share encrypted files and folders anonymously. For a batter security we need to choose a complex & non-dictionary password. Although AES 256 is a very strong encryption.

AES 256 is virtually impenetrable using brute-force methods. While a 56-bit DES key can be cracked in less than a day, AES encryption would take billions of years to break using current computing technology.

Official Video Tutorial for AnonX


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