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Send Anonymous Text, Emails, Media Files using Utopia

How to send anonymous text, emails and media files?

There are many options available to sending things anonymously, but we don't think they offer complete anonymity.

Utopia is a decentralized P2P ecosystem which means we have total freedom on this platform.

This is a complete suite from our daily used things like sending encrypted anonymous text, encrypted Emails, file transfer, Chatting and internet browsing. This is totally anonymous we can read how it works.

Utopia doesn't have any centralized server. The data on it stored on a local drive and encrypted with a combination of AES256 and CURVE25519 encryption method. That's why makes sure that our physical address never reveals.

Send Anonymous Text, Emails, Media Files using Utopia

Utopia is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. For being an Kali Linux website we only discuss how we can install it on Kali Linux and send anonymous text and email and media files using Utopia.

Installation on other Debian-based Linux system (like Ubuntu, Parrot & other) will be same. Installing Windows is very easy we need to download the exe file and do next -> next -> next -> Finish.

So first we need to download Utopia for Linux from it's official website.

download utopia for linux

It is a .deb file with 169MB size. After download complete we can open terminal and go to the Downloads directory by using following command:

cd Downloads
Then we can run our downloaded file by using following command:

sudo dpkg -i utopia-latest.amd64.deb
The screenshot is following:

utopia install

Utopia is now installed on our system. We can find it on our application search bar.
utopia manu

After opening Utopia we can see it's main menu as the following screenshot:

utopia main menu

For first time use, we need to create an account here. To do that we click on "Create new account". Then the welcome screen will appear as we can see in the following screenshot.

utopia welcome

Here we have nothing to do, we just click on the "Next" button. Then the account creation page will comes up. The screenshot is below.

utopia account creation

Here we need to choose a nick name for our account. Then we can provide our full name, but that is optional. So we just provide a nick name and click on "Next".

Then we can set the local storage location and the password. We leave the storage location as it is and choose a strong password for us (big password with uppercase, lowercase, symbol and numbers). The screenshot is following.

setup password

Then we got a page where it prompts for mining cryptocurrency, but we just need to send anonymous text and files so we skip it and click on finish.

publickey utopia

It will take some time to generate a public key for our account. We need to copy it and save it somewhere as a text file. We can see the public key and welcome screen in the following screenshot.

utopia public key

Then we click on "Next" several times and we will be in the main page of Utopia.

send anonymouos text using utopia

From here we can send anonymous text, mails and files to anyone who also have Utopia installed.

We can add new contacts from the menu bar Contacts -> Add Contact .

add contact

We can add contact by entering user's public-key or by the uNS name.

After adding a contact we can send anonymous text, mails and media files. For this our partner also need to install Utopia, so share this tutorial with friends. Well-known cyber security expert Edward Snowden told:
I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.
 -- Edward Snowden Tweet the quote
Like this platform to send anonymous text, mail and media files? Let us know in the comment section below. To uninstall Utopia try sudo dpkg -r utopia command.

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