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Kismet -- WiFi Sniffer

Noise radio signals by Kismet

Kismet is a layer 2 Wi-Fi network analysis tool. It is very good in pentest in a corporate environment. It works with any wireless network cards that supports original/raw/radio frequency monitor mode(rfmon). in this tutorial post we will learn how to use Kismet to monitor Wi-Fi networks.

To use it, enable monitor mode in the wireless card and type following command in terminal:

airmon-ng start wlan0
Then open another terminal window and type kismet just like following and hit enter:

Click on OK and then click "Yes" when it asks to start Kismet Server. Otherwise it will stop work. Just like following screenshot.

Next we need to specify the source interface, in our case it is wlan0 so we type wlan0. Make sure that that this interface is in monitor mode before opening Kismet.

Now we will see a list of all the Wi-Fi networks near us:

By default, Kismet listens all the channels so we need to specify a particular channel by selecting the Config Channel from the Kismet menu like the following screenshot :

We can select the number of channel here:

Kismet also allows us to see the signal of noise radio. If we want to see that we need to select Channel Details in the Windows section:

The signal to noise radio helps us during times of wardriving.