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Firewalk -- Scan Firewall Policies

The firewalk tool is a network security reconnaissance tool that helps us figure out whether our routers/firewalls are really doing the work that are supposed to do. It scans to find what IP protocols a router/firewall will allow and what protocols it will block. Basically, firewalk is a penetration tool that used for reconnaissance by helping a pentester discover the IP protocols are permitted through the router/firewall.

This tool is very useful in pentesting to check and validate firewall policies in a corporate environment.

Firewalk comes pre-installed in Kali Linux. If you are using an old version of Kali Linux then may you need to install this tool by using following command:

apt-get install firewalk
Then we need to call firewalk to see its options. So open a terminal window and type firewalk and press enter like following :

The following picture shows the output of the preceding command :

We can use firewalk by following command:

firewalk -S1-23 -i wlan0
This is an educational example

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