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Who is the King of Cricket in the World at Present 2023?

The Indian T20 League 2023 is currently underway, providing cricket fans with an abundance of thrilling action to witness and determine the reigning king of cricket worldwide.

king of cricket

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During this time, numerous aspiring young cricketers are being given their maiden opportunities in the national team. While some struggle to leave a lasting impression and fade away, others manage to secure their positions through captivating performances, aiming to ascend to the status of the king of cricket. Read about the best cricket betting casino here – 888 Review

Who is the King of Cricket?

To earn the title of the king of cricket in the world, players must consistently perform at the highest level over an extended period. Given the current rigorous demands of the sport, this is an exceptionally challenging feat. However, there are a select few who have proven their mettle and earned the respect of fans.

Below, we discuss four prominent names who can be considered the best and potential kings of cricket in the world at this time.

Virat Kohli: The King of Cricket in India

Without a doubt, Virat Kohli is the undisputed king of cricket in India, amassing 25,322 runs across all formats of international cricket, including T20s, Tests, and ODIs. There is a reason why Kohli has earned the moniker "King Kohli." He reigns over the hearts of Indian cricket fans, and despite a recent dip in form, he is still regarded as one of the greatest players of the game. Kohli's technical perfection sets him apart, with his cover drives being a sight to behold. He prefers constructing his innings and possesses the temperament to go the distance.

Kohli stands among the few batsmen who maintain an average of over 50 in all three formats of the game, rightfully earning him the title of the king of cricket. Sustaining an average of 57.32 across 274 ODIs is no small feat, and Kohli accomplishes it with relative ease. In addition, he boasts an average of 48.93 in Tests and 52.74 in T20s. A strike rate of 137.97 in the shortest format is a matter of immense pride for any cricketer.

Babar Azam : King of cricket in Pakistan

Babar Azam, the talented Pakistani batsman, has rightfully earned the title of the king of cricket in Pakistan. He has established himself as one of the finest contemporary batters, displaying immense potential to become the number one player across all three formats of the game. At the age of just 28, Azam has already made a significant impact and dominates the rankings in both ODI and T20 formats.

In Test cricket, Azam holds the 5th position in the rankings, with only Marnus Labuschagne, Kane Williamson, Steve Smith, and Joe Root ahead of him. With an impressive average of 48.63 in Test matches, Azam showcases his ability to excel in the longest format. Furthermore, he maintains a remarkable average of 59.17 in ODI cricket, emphasizing his consistency and effectiveness in limited-overs cricket.

What sets Azam apart is his adaptability and versatility, allowing him to adjust his game according to the demands of different formats. He exhibits a strike rate of over 127 in T20 cricket, highlighting his ability to score quickly in the shortest format. Azam represents the younger generation of cricketing leaders, displaying immense potential and a promising future as one of the best cricketers in the world.

As the captain of the Pakistan team, Azam not only leads by example with his batting skills but also demonstrates strong leadership qualities. His remarkable performances and potential make him a deserving candidate for the title of the king of cricket in Pakistan, and he continues to inspire fans with his talent and dedication to the sport.

Joe Root

Joe Root, the English cricketer, has showcased his prowess and earned the right to be called a king of cricket. With his recent decision to step down from leadership duties, Root has found a new sense of freedom in his game, causing concerns for opposing teams. His performances on the field have been exceptional, solidifying his status as a true cricketing king.

Not only does Root possess an outstanding average of over 50 in Test cricket, but he also maintains impressive numbers in the ODI format. His ability to adapt and excel across different formats of the game is a testament to his skills and versatility. In addition, Root has begun to find his rhythm in T20 cricket, demonstrating his adaptability and ability to adjust to the demands of the game. With a strike rate of over 120 in T20s, he consistently contributes to his team's success.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma, the Indian captain, continues to be hailed as one of the greatest cricketers, particularly in the limited-overs formats, despite being 35 years old. Sharma's aggressive and high-risk style of play sets him apart, fearlessly taking on bowlers who attempt to exploit bounce against him. His cover drives and straight drives are a visual treat for cricket enthusiasts, showcasing his elegant stroke play.

Although injuries have affected Sharma's ICC rankings, he has not lost his touch and remains a formidable force in any format of the game. In Test matches, he has amassed over 3,000 runs in just 49 matches at an average of 45.66. As an experienced campaigner in one-day internationals, Sharma has an impressive record of 9,825 runs to his name. Currently ranked 10th on the ODI batter's list, Sharma has the potential to be the difference-maker for India in the upcoming 2023 ODI World Cup.


Who is called the King of IPL?

The title of "King of IPL" is indeed a subject of debate, and both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have strong cases to support their claims.

Virat Kohli's performances in the IPL have been nothing short of extraordinary. He holds multiple records in the tournament, including the highest number of runs in a single edition and the overall highest run-scorer in IPL history. Kohli's consistency with the bat is commendable, and he has played numerous match-winning innings for his team, Royal Challengers Bangalore. Despite not having won an IPL title, his individual contributions and records speak for themselves.

On the other hand, Rohit Sharma's leadership skills and impact in the IPL cannot be ignored. As the captain of the Mumbai Indians, Sharma has led his team to a record-breaking five IPL titles. He has showcased his ability to make crucial decisions under pressure and has been a guiding force for his team's success. Additionally, Sharma himself has been a prolific run-scorer in the tournament, having multiple centuries and significant contributions to Mumbai's victories.

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