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1Xbet India - Live Cricket Betting

Now-defunct Australian Women's Twenty20 Cup

Both men’s and women’s cricket are very popular in Australia. Punters can go to 1xBet India - live cricket betting can be made on all the competitions that take place in the Land Down Under. A competition that used to be quite entertaining before its termination was the Australian Women’s Twenty20 Cup.

It had several editions that spanned between 2009 and 2014. In that period, it was possible to see many interesting players that would later become a key part of the national sides.

Punters can now make live cricket betting on 1xBet India, which features all forms of the sport. It should be noted that this competition is the predecessor to the Women’s Big Bash League. This tournament has also been extremely popular.

1xbet india live cricket betting

Changing structures

The competition changed its format on a number of occasions. There is a fantastic place to wager on all forms of cricket, which also has lots of kabaddi options, and this site is the platform.

Originally, the tournament was a set of friendly matches. However, it later evolved into a round-robin championship where a final match would be played between the two best teams. For the 2013 edition, another important change was made. From that point on, it was decided that the two top sides from the round-robin stage would reach semi-finals. The 1xBet website is a fantastic place that punters can use in order to place their wagers on all these kinds of cricket competitions.

Winning teams

There were seven participating teams in the championship. However, only three of them could celebrate winning the title at some moment during the history of the competition. In addition to wagering on entertaining cricket matches, punters can also watch online table tennis live score - 1xBet has the most complete information in the market.

The teams that won the Women’s Twenty20 Cup were:

  • New South Wales Breakers;
  • Queensland Fire;
  • Victoria Spirit.

Out of all those teams, VS have won the tournament the most number of times. They got three titles in total. Two editions were won by the Breakers, and Fire won the remaining one. It should be noted that there was a team that, on three separate occasions, finished in first place in the round-robin stage. However, they were unable to win the championship on any of them. The squad in question were the New South Wales Breakers. The best cricket and table tennis live scores can be found on 1xBet, where users can also watch online broadcasts of various competitions.

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