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Name That Hash -- Know The Hash


Password cracking is very essential for penetration testers. Suppose we got a hash from a database and we need to crack it. Before that we need to know what kind of encryption used to crate the hash, in simple words which kind of hash we got.

namethathash know password hashes on kali linux

We wrote an article very early on identifying password hashes. But that is becomes very old (works smoothly anyways). With the latest update of Kali Linux (2021.4), the developers added a new tool called "Name That Hash"(nth) on the repository.

In today's articles we will learn how to know know the hash by using 'Name That Hash' on our Kali Linux system. We can install this by execute following command:

sudo apt install name-that-hash

We can see the output of the above command in the following screenshot:

installing name that hash on kali linux

We can see the above screenshot that our tool is installed. Now we can use it. Before that we will see it's help options by running following command:

name-that-hash --help

This command seems large to type, come on we are soo lazy. So we can use nth instead of name-that-hash. The following commands works same as the previous one, we can see the help option on the following screenshot.

name-that-hash help menu

As we can see in the above help menu we can run nth --text 'hash' to know the type of hash. Here we have an hash '00d06796e489999226fb5bb27fe1b3b2'. Let we know what kind of hash it is. We need to run following command identify this:

nth --text '00d06796e489999226fb5bb27fe1b3b2'

We are not showing here the output screenshot. Let get the answer. Which kind of hash it is? Then crack the hash, and let us know the answer in the comment section.

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