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How to Install Zoom on Kali Linux


Summary:- In this beginners tutorial we are going to learn how we can install Zoom on Kali Linux. This method also works for other Debian based Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS etc.

In this COVID 19 pandemic lock-down situation "work form home" culture has grown up rapidly. Nowadays video calls or meetings using Zoom is so much popular. We can easily use Zoom on our Windows or Android or iOS devices. But our case is different we use Linux as our full time operating system.

How to install Zoom on Kali Linux

Don't worry Zoom is also available for Linux. In our this detailed article we are going to discuss about how we can install Zoom on Kali Linux. This same guide can be followed to install Zoom on any Debian based Linux distribution (Like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Parrot Security etc).

How to install Zoom on Kali Linux

First of all we need to open our terminal and apply following command:


The above command will download the Zoom software package, as we can see in the following screenshot:

zoom deb file downloading on Linux
Now on our working directory we got a file named 'zoom_amd64.deb' file. Now this is a software package which we need to install.

To install it we need to run following command:

sudo apt install ./zoom_amd64.deb

We can see the output of previous command on the following screenshot:

zoom installed on our linux system

In our case we have already installed Zoom on our machine, but the above  command can install our downloaded Zoom software packages on our system.

After that we can easily use Zoom on our Linux system. We can search for Zoom on our application menu.

zoom on kali linux menu
Or we can run zoom command on our terminal to open Zoom, as we can see in the following screenshot:

Zoom on our linux terminal

Removing Zoom from Linux System

To remove Zoom from our Linux system we need to run following command on our terminal window:

sudo apt remove zoom -y

In the following screenshot we can see that we had removed Zoom from our system using the above command:

removing zoom from Linux system

Now Zoom is removed from our Kali Linux system. This way we can install Zoom on our Linux system also we had learnt how we can uninstall it from our system.

In this beginners guide we learned about installing Zoom on our Kali Linux (or any other Debian based Linux) on easy steps. This is an easy and short tutorial. For anything not working please leave a comment below. We always be happy to help.

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