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How to install Arduino Software (IDE) on Kali Linux


Arduino is an open-source electronics platform that can be used for various tasks. In cybersecurity it is also used to perform various attacks. But to code any type of Arduino boards we need the Arduino IDE installed our system, where we can write our codes and upload the program in our Arduino board.

In our this detailed guide we are going to learn how to install Arduino software aka Arduino IDE on our Kali Linux system. This guide can be followed to install Arduino IDE on any Debian-based Linux system.

How to install Arduino IDE on Kali Linux

Install Arduino IDE on Kali Linux

To install Arduino IDE on our Kali Linux system first of all we need to navigate to the official Arduino download page from our browser. We can see various types of Linux downloads there as we can highlighted on the following screenshot:

Arduino IDE download for Kali LInux

Here we are using Linux 64 bits, so we choose Linux 64 bits. On the next page we can see it is requesting for donation, although we can download it by clicking on "Just download" as shown in the following screenshot:

arduino download page

Now the download window will open in front of us. Here we need to save our file.

arduino download starting

After this our download of our tar compressed file will be started. After the download is finished we need to open our terminal window then navigate to our Downloads directory where we just downloaded the Arduino IDE's compressed file by using following command:

cd Downloads

Here we need to extract our compressed file by using following command:

tar -xvf arduino*.tar.xz

In the following screenshot we can see the output of the applied command:

arduino extracting
We highlighted the output folder

After the process is complete we need to move to the extracted directory (highlighted on the above screenshot) by using following command:

cd arduino-1.8.16

Here if we want we can see the files by using ls command. There we got file, which can be used to install Arduino IDE on our Kali Linux. To do so our command will be following:

sudo ./

In the following screenshot we can see that Arduino IDE is successfully installed on our system (it might prompt for the root password).

arduino IDE installed on Kali Linux

Now we can close terminal, we can see shortcut of Arduino IDE Desktop Icon on our Desktop.

arduino shortcut on Desktop

Now we can open Arduino from our Desktop (simple double click) or we can also open Arduino IDE from our our terminal by simply applying arduino command:


As we can see in the following screenshot, we successfully installed Arduino IDE on our system.

Arduino installed on Kali Linux
Arduino IDE successfully installed on our Kali Linux system

This is how we can install Arduino Software or Arduino IDE on Kali Linux.

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