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Where to hire react programmer and 3 essential skills to look for

Hiring React.js developers for your tech project can be a tough job because it's one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the world. Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, PwC, Amazon, Twitter, Udemy, and nearly 9,000 others worldwide use it for web, desktop, and mobile apps. To hire React programmer, you need to challenge the competition, and as you can imagine, the talent pool isn't infinite. In this article, we will show you where to hire React js developer for your business.

hire react js developer

React js is popular, and it is here to stay

When the latest StackOverflow survey appeared, the statistics were more than clear: React js has conquered the category "Web Frameworks". React is a high-performance JavaScript framework. Its simple, component-based architecture allows developers to be more productive and code faster. The framework's minimal API is focused on solving performance issues, enabling lightning-fast rendering speeds with a small overall footprint.

Where to find React js developers for hire

There are many ways to hire React js developers. Some of them are cheaper, others - more efficient. After all, it all depends on the project size and the budget.

Job sites

You can hire React js developers from a job site. When hiring React developers, know that the job seekers who want to work in the office are often eligible to receive better benefits. However, this isn't always the case when hiring remotely. Remote staff members typically don't have access to company benefits like healthcare, which is why they're typically less expensive to hire.

Freelance platforms

Freelance platforms provide a great way to find a large pool of React JS developers at a low cost. Freelancers might not have the same company loyalty as full-time employees, but most will be able to produce results that meet or exceed hiring a full-time employee. Finding a quality freelancer on any of these platforms takes time and effort — make sure you browse all of your options before hiring anyone! When you employ someone, remember they're working for money — and if they think they'll get more elsewhere, they'll leave.

Hire React programmer for an outstaffing agency

Outstaffing agencies are the best of both worlds. They have all the resources of a full-fledge company while cutting down on other expenses that would take a toll on your budget. Their big talent pools, excellent management, and other resources help companies achieve their goals without breaking the bank.

Skills that you should look for when hiring React js developer

  • Ability to work on other Javascript libraries — You have various options when hiring React developers, but what you want is someone with experience in the Javascript ecosystem. That way, they won't need to spend time and energy learning all of the intricacies of your library — they can dive right in and start delivering value.
  • In-depth knowledge of React Js framework — One of the must-haves for developers is understanding React js concepts. Using JSX, understanding the component lifecycle, and working with the virtual DOM are necessary skills that every good developer should have. These abilities will get you started quickly on your projects.
  • Ability to write good code — React js developers who want to create polished products should be familiar with the Google JavaScript Style Guide so they can follow the correct standard. This will help keep code readable, consistent, and scalable on large projects.

While a React js developer might have the skillset to build a functional prototype, a good React js developer will be able to collect business requirements and turn them into a set of technical specs. Communication skills are important for this, as well as their ability to work in a team. In addition to creativity and the desire to learn, any success in this role will also depend on their problem-solving skills.

In conclusion

It is not an easy task to hire React programmer. Finding a great React js developer takes a lot of time and effort — but you don't have to work with a remote freelancer or a company, or a person from a different part of the world. A trusted technology partner knows everyone in the development community, so they can help you find your ideal hire.

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