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How to Install VSCode on Kali Linux


There are so many code editors in the market, but now many developers found liking Virtual Studio Code. In this community we have seen many of friends switched on Virtual Studio Code (VSCode) from Atom and Sublime Text.

how to install vscode on kali linux
VSCode is an awesome code editor, it's totally free also. In this brief tutorial we are going to install VSCode on our Kali Linux system.

Installing VSCode on Kali Linux

Before June 2021 we need to download the source-code of VSCode but now Kali Linux added VSCode on the repository.

We need to run one single command "sudo apt install code-oss" to install VSCode on our Kali Linux system. Code-oss is an open-source fork of VSCode without any proprietary code.

We run the following command on our terminal:

sudo apt install code-oss -y

It will start installing Virtual Studio Code on our Kali Linux after providing our root password, as we can see on the following screenshot.

installing vscode on kali linux

It will download nearly 75 MB archives and take nearly 270MB disk space. So the installation time will depend on our internet speed and system performance.

Using VSCode on Kali Linux

After the process complete we can see code-oss aka VSCode on our application menu.

vscode on kali linux

We can click here to open it. Alternatively we can run code-oss command from our terminal to open it.


The welcome screen will be in front of us as we can see in the following screenshot.

running vscode on kali linux

Now our coding will be hassle free with our favorite code editor.

vscode on kali linux gif

This is the most easiest way to install Virtual Studio Code aka VSCode aka code-oss on Kali Linux. If enjoyed the article make sure to comment on following comment section, that encourage us.

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    ArtJune 26, 2021 at 5:36 PM

    ...and it wouldn't be a MS product, if it wouldn't come somewhat tainted:
    It's Open Source, but if you install it through a package manager you will also get MS telemetry on your device.
    => you can build from source or use VSCodium -

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    failed to work

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