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Control Kali Linux PC From any Mobile or Tablet

In some of our previous articles we have discussed how we can install Kali Linux on mobile phones. But that is not satisfying for those who use Kali Linux on PC. Because mobile doesn't have power like a PC and we run Kali over our mobile's operating system. In our this tutorial we are definitely not going to install Kali Linux directly on our mobile phone but it will feel something like that.

We use full size Kali Linux on our mobile device, and it will be capable of doing everything. On a simple note we are going to control our PC Kali Linux from mobile.
Control Kali Linux PC From any Mobile or Tablet

But when we have Kali on our PC, why do we need it on our mobile? The answer is mobile is an on the go solution. Suppose our PC is in our room and we are resting on another room. Still we can use our Desktop/Laptop's Kali Linux on our Mobile device.


  • Kali Linux installed in PC.
  • Android or IOS mobile device.
  • VNC server on PC.
  • VNC client application on Mobile.

Kali Linux on Mobile Device

Here we connect our both devices (PC & mobile) on the same WiFi network. It could be our home network. Here we need to start a VNC server on our Kali Linux system on PC. To install VNC server we run following command:
sudo apt-get install x11vnc
The screenshot of the command is following:
installing x11vnc

Now we start the X11VNC server by running following command:
Then we can see that our VNC server has been started in port number 5900 as shown in following screenshot.
VNC server started on 5900

Now our VNC server is started, before connect it with a VNC client we need to know our IP address.

We need to know our local IP address to connect the VNC so we use ip addr command on another terminal and got our local IP address assigned by our WiFi router:
ip addr show wlan0
In the following screenshot we can see our local wlan0 IP address is highlighted.

Now we need to download the VNC client application on our Mobile or Tablet device.

This application is available for Windows, Android IOS and other Operating systems.

In our case we are using an Android device and Downloaded this application from the Play Store. This is also available in the Apple App Store.
VNC Viewer in Play Store
VNC Viewer in Play Store

Now we open the app and got Window like following screenshot:
Creating a new connection on VNC Viewer

Here we need to create a new connection by clicking on the ➕ sign.

Here we need to type our VNC server's IP address and port. In our case this is We also need to give a name for our connection. Here we can choose any name and we click on create.
VNC Viewer new connection

After creating the connection we got a window as shown in following screenshot:
VNC Connection

Then we click on the connect option, and we get a notification that the connection is "Unencrypted", We ignore it and click on "OK".
VNC Unencrypted connection okey
No need to worry on home connection. Just Click OK

Done, now our PC's display comes in our mobile.
Kali Linux on mobile devices
Kali Linux Full on Mobile
We can move the mouse cursor and do anything we want to do in PC. We can also use mobile's keyboard to type commands on the PC. We just mirrored the PC's display on our mobile and do what ever on it.

Here We can control the total PC from mobile. Also our Mobile got a Kali Linux without wasting resources like RAM and Disk Space.

When we are in another room or on bed we can use this VNC connection over WiFi to use our PC's Kali Linux on Mobile. It's so cool. To make this more interesting we wrote this total tutorial on our PC from mobile.

On Penetration Testing works we always need to have Kali Linux in this way we can go out from our room and continue to use our PC. It is a good old technique.

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