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Sherlock -- Hunt Usernames on Social Media Platforms

Sherlock is an information gathering tool that can find usernames from across 300 social media sites. Previously it need to install from GitHub but after Kali Linux 2020.1update Sherlock comes in the repository of Kali Linux.

sherlock kali linux find username of social media

Usually users register on sites and social media with the same username. Suppose we need to find someone by the username, we need to check every social media websites but Sherlock will help to reduce our effort. It will be effective to create an unique username for a new profile, we can check that in which social media it is already used.

Basically Sherlock is python tool that checks our given usernames across 300 social media websites (list of social media sites) and give us the profile links of the users.

To install Sherlock in Kali Linux we need to use apt install command in our terminal:

sudo apt-get install sherlock

This will install Sherlock in our Kali Linux system as we can see in the following screenshot:

sherlock kali linux

Now we can find username over 300 social media websites by using following single command:

sherlock UserName007

Then it will start to find the targeted username in various websites as we can see in the following screenshot:

This is how we can find someone's all social media handles just using a small command.

To show only founded profiles in Sherlock and hide all the not found messages we can use following command:

sherlock UserName007 --print-found
This command will show us the founded pages in social media sites and ignores not found, as we can see in the following screenshot:

sherlock found usernames from social media sites

Yes we can check for more usernames at a same time by using following command:

sherlock UserName007 user2 user3
We can even use tor with Sherlock scanning 🔎.  We can also save the output on txt json and csv file format.

We can check Sherlock's help to know more by using following command:

sherlock -h
Even we can add new sites on Sherlock, to know more check this. We also can use Sherlock in docker, the documentation is here.

Do you know what is docker ?  We have a detailed article on docker.

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