Wifite -- Easy Automated Wireless Auditing

Wifite2 is complete rewrite of previous popular tool wifite by derv82. It's designed to automate the process of a wireless auditing. To run properly it needs Aircrack suit, Reaver, Pyrit and some more to be installed. This tool and the additional tools to run it comes pre-installed with Kali Linux.


With the help of wifite we can audit WEP, WPA, WPS encrypted network by by multiple attacks. Before using this powerful tool we gonna check it's features:

  • It can shorts targets by signal strength that means we can crack the good signal or the closest access points first.

  • It can automatically deauthenticate clients of hidden networks and then reveal their SSID's.

  • "anonymous" features, wifite can generate a random MAC address before attacking and after attack it comes back to original MAC. We have did this manually in our Changing MAC Address tutorial.

  • We can skip an attack by Ctrl+C and it will start the next attack.

  • Wifite saves all cracked  passwords in cracked.txt file.
So, we see that we have lots of features now we cover the basics of this tool.
Open the terminal window in our Kali Linux system and type following command:-


In the following screenshot we can see that after opening this tool it shows up a list of available networks.

wifite scan

Now we can select the number from the list or select all. So we just select the number  and press Enter. The screenshot is following:

wifite kali linux

Now sit back and relax wifite will try to crack selected networks using multiple attacks, and it will display the password when it is successfully cracked.

To use more features we can see the help of this tool by using following command :
wifite -h
then the help of this tool will come, like the following:

wifite help

Now we can use these features like if we need to use anonymous MAC address while attacking then we can start wifite in our Kali Linux system using following command:

wifite --mac
and many more features are included with this tool.

Is not it an easy tool? We can use it with one command. Wifite aims to be "set it and forgot it".


Isn't is cool? comment below.


  1. hello, i use kali linux on usb encrypted persistence is not list the networks. is this a mistake or just have to wait longer for him to list the networks?

    1. Please provide the full details .. which wifi adapter you are using? is it supports monitor mode and packet injection?

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