XeroSploit -- Advanced MITM

XeroSploit is an advanced MITM (man in the middle) penetration testing toolbox. It can perform Port Scanning, Network Mapping, DOS Attack, HTML Code Injection, JavaScript Code Injection, Sniffing, DNS Spoofing , Image replacement, Driftnet and Web Page Defacement and more.

This tool does not come with Kali Linux, so we need to clone it from Github. To do we open our terminal window and type following command :

git clone https://github.com/LionSec/xerosploit
The screenshot of the command is below:

Now we need to go to XeroSploit's directory by using following command :

cd xerosploit
 Look at the files by using ls command in the directory:


The screenshot of the commands is following :

Now we install XeroSploit by using the install.py file using following command:


Here we need to select our operating system so we choose Kali Linux, so we type 1 and press enter just like following screenshot.

This will update our system and install required tools so it may take some time.

After installation process is complete we can type xerosploit command anywhere to lunch XeroSploit.


The output of the command is following:

Now type help in command to see the options.

 We will get the lists of commands used in XeroSploit, like the following screenshot:

We can use scan to map our networks.

Type modules and check the modules by using help command. The screenshot is following:

XeroSploit is very user friendly but if need any help comment down. Also can read this tutorial of XeroSploit.
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  1. sir xerosploit ko kail ke home scrren par nhi la sakta kai

  2. sir xerosploit ko kail ke home scrren par nhi la sakta kai


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