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SubBrute – Tool For Subdomain Brute Force

After talking about DNSCAN we are going to install SubBrute. SubBrute is super fast and accurate subdomain brute-forcing tool that provides an extra layer of anonymity as it uses open resolvers to brute force the subdomains :

1. Again you need to open the Terminal window and type following the simple command :

git clone
   The following picture is showing the command in terminal window of Kali Linux machine

2. Or as we learn in the last post we can download SubBrute directly from github .  Go to This Link to      download SubBrute.

3. Once the Cloning/Downloading is complete we will need a wordlist for it to run which we can              download dnspopś wordlist. This word list can be used in DNSCAN which was our previous                recipe. We can get the list from This Link

4. Once both are done we will browse into the subbruteś directory and and run it using the following          command :

5. When we want to run it against a domain with the wordlist we use the following command :
./ -s /path/to/wordlist