NMAP -- The Network Mapper

Network Mapper (Nmap) is the most popular cyber security scanner . This is used for finding hosts and services in a network. It was written by Gordon Lyon and published in September 1997. This tool have lot of features and can do lots of tests like finding the OS, services version, , it also can do brute force default logins and many more thing. We can not complete NMAP in only post so we need a series of posts. This is the first one others are following:

NMAP has come common type of scan they are following :

  • TCP scan
  • SYN stealth scan
  • SCTP INIP scan
  • UDP scan
  • Ping scan
  • Idle scan
Nmap is a pre-installed tool in Kali Linux. Type Following command to start Nmap and see options
nmap -h
Following screenshot shows the output of the command :

To perform a basic scan we use the following command :
nmap -sV -Pn x.x.x.x
The following screenshot shows the output of the command:

Where x.x.x.x is the ip address of that system we want to scan. and -Pn means that we are doing a ping request first to check the host is up or down and -sV used will list the running services on the found open ports for us.

Or we can use another parameter -A which can automatically performs OS detection, versions, script scan and traceroute. The command is following :

nmap -A -Pn x.x.x.x

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