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Configuring The ProxyChains

Sometimes we need to remain untraceable while performing a penetration testing activity. Proxychains helps us by allowing us to use an intermediary system whose IP can be left in the logs of the system without worry of it tracing back to us.

Proxychains is a tool that allows any application to follow connection via proxy such as SOCKS5, Tor and so on.

How to do it

Proxychains is a pre-installed tool in Kali Linux. If not you need to install it by using following command in terminal :
apt-get install proxychains
We need a list of proxies into its configuration file that we want to use :
  • To do that we open the configuration file of proxychains in a text editor like LeafPad or Vim. We are gonna use LeafPad so open the terminal in Kali Linux and the command is following :
leafpad /etc/proxychains.conf
The following screenshot is showing the output for the preceding command :

Default configuration file

  • By default the dynamic_chain is closed and the strict_chain is opened. But we need to open the dynamic_chain and close the strict_chain. To do that delete the # before dynamic_chain and put a # before strict_chain. Following screenshot shows the difference from the default configuration file to changed configuration file.

Changed configuration file

  • Almost done now scroll down to last and add an extra line and wright following line there :
socks5 9050

  • Save the file and close this configuration in ProxyChains is complete.  Now we will learn how to use this with Tor to be untraceable in the Internet world.

Using with Tor

Tor is also pre-installed in Kali Linux If now install it by using following command :
apt-get install tor

  • Once installed we need to start the tor services by using following command :

service tor start

  • After starting tor services we need to type following command to use an application via proxychains:

proxychains toolname -arguments