DirSearch - A Web Path Scanner

In this Series our next tool is dirsearch. itś a simple command-line python based website directory/path scanner which can brute-force any targeted site for itś directory and files. This is very common job in pentesting and dirsearch do this job much faster then the traditional DIRB. It is a mush have tool in Kali Linux machine.

1. We need to clone this tool from github for this we need to open Terminal and type following                   command :

git clone https://github.com/maurosoria/dirsearch
   Just like following screenshot 

2. Or you can download and save DirSearch directly from GitHub by clicking This Link.

3. Once the download or cloning is complete browse to the diesearch directory and run dirsearch by          typing following command :

./dirsearch.py -u google.com -e aspx,php
     Here we are scanning google.com  for an example. Following screenshot shows the output of                 Google scanning :

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